Bankruptcy for Creditors: What to do if you are being sued by a Bankruptcy Trustee for a Fraudulent Transfer, Preference, or someone who owes you money filed Bankruptcy

If you received a notice that you are being sued by a Bankruptcy Trustee for an alleged fraudulent conveyance, preference or you received a notice stating that someone you know filed Bankruptcy, you have to act quickly to preserve any rights you may have. Bankruptcy for Creditors! If you receive a proof of claim, notice of an automatic stay or an adversary proceeding summons, call Attorney Neil E. Colmenares to discuss all your options. We focus on Defense of Fraudulent Transfers and Preference Actions, filing Proofs of Claim, motions to Lift the Automatic Stay, commencement and defense of Adversary Proceeding, Objecting to Plans. We service Queens, Nassau, Kings, Suffolk, Long Island and all of New York State. We refuse to represent banks or credit card companies!

Bankruptcy for Creditors

Adversary Proceeding if not tended to can cause you to lose a lot of money!

The following is a list of services we provide:

  • Defense of Preference Actions
  • Defense of Fraudulent Transfer Actions
  • Defense of Adversary Proceedings
  • Motions to vacate the Automatic Stay
  • Filing Proofs of Claim
  • Reaffirmation Agreements
  • Objections to Plans
  • Section 523 Motions including, but not limited to actions based on:
    • Fraud
    • Extensions of Credit
    • Defalcation
    • Debts based on Alimony, Maintenance and Support
    • Willful and Malicious Injury
    • Personal Injury Debts
    • Fines to Governmental Units
    • DWI Fines
    • Non Scheduled Debts
    • Final Judgment Orders
    • Restitution Order

Remember, Creditors have rights in Bankruptcy. If you receive a summons stating you are being sued by a Bankruptcy Trustee for an alleged Fraudulent Conveyance or a Preference Action, call to schedule a consultation immediately. If you need to file a proof of claim, an adversary proceeding summons, notice of the automatic stay or any other document with the Bankruptcy Court affecting your rights as a creditor, call Attorney Neil E. Colmenares, P.C. to arrange a consultation. You will find this office to be informative and accessible.

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